Vote to fix democracy this fall

In April, researchers from Princeton and Northwestern Universities showed how the preferences of the wealthy far outweigh those of ordinary Americans in policy decisions. The (totally fair) conclusion drawn from this is that the United States may be better described as an oligarchy rather than a democracy. The reason that our country might be descending […]

Decade theme at annual fashion show

Fashion Group President senior Jessica Nelson introduced this year’s fashion show as something a little different. “We’re doing something we’ve never done before that we think will really add value to the show,” Nelson said. “We’re also incorporating looks from design and merchandising students.” On Saturday night, SPU’s student-run Fashion Group hosted their annual fashion […]

Preview: Sasquatch! 2014

A breathtaking desert landscape dotted by skeletal stages and wind turbines. Grazing cattle temporarily displaced by the most affluent, indulgent slum you’ll ever walk through. Dirty, tired, intoxicated people in the middle of their favorite days of the year. This is the scene at the Gorge Amphitheater for the Sasquatch! Festival, held every Memorial Day […]

Editorial comment: Gender-based unequal pay still present

On Monday, former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson was the commencement speaker at Wake Forest University’s commencement ceremony. She titled her speech “Resilience.” The attention surrounding her firing last week highlights the discrimination that women still receive in the work force.  After she discovered that she was getting paid less than her predecessor, […]