VA scandal illuminates broken system

Americans have been given yet another example of systemic failure and bureaucratic corruption within our government, further justifying skepticism of it. Katherine Mitchell, a doctor with nearly 16 years’ experience at the Phoenix VA hospital, exposed allegations of criminal misconduct by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ management team in Phoenix, Ariz. The Phoenix VA […]

Sasquatch! in review

Sasquatch is an immersive experience, and doing it right means managing the yin and yang of the phrase “music festival.” Those two words sum up the complementary but sometimes competing impulses that an attendee feels at the venue and at the campground. Going overboard on just the music will leave you with really sore feet […]

Trees and honorees

  At the President’s Spring Forum Thursday morning, around 200 students, faculty and staff jumped to their feet as senior and ASSP President Isaac Gundersen announced the 2014 Faculty Member of the Year. Stepping onto the stage in Royal Brougham Pavilion, associate professor of music Brian Chin walked forward to accept the award from President Daniel […]