Senate discusses service trip funds

In addition to appointments and bylaw reviews, Monday’s senate discussed and approved proposals for the MODE fashion show, the health school fair and the Centurions’ service trip.

Senate looked at a proposal from SPU Centurions, a men’s service club on campus. The Centurions requested $4,028 to fund their “Mantana” trip to a Montana camp, where they would help the camp prepare for the summer. The club has been taking a similar service trip for 15 years. The funds would cover gas, meals and the $45 cost per person to stay at the camp. The club would charge $20 per person, for a total club contribution of $1,000.

Junior Alicia McNeil explained that Finance Board guidelines only allow ASSP to allocate $25 per person for retreats, which covers food and lodging. Since the Centurions planned about 48 attendees, the committee for student clubs (CSC) amended the proposal to allocate $1,200.

Senators discussed whether the trip should be classified as a service trip or as a retreat, which would limit the funds. They also looked at the club’s proposals from past years, to compare the amount ASSP has allocated in the past.

Senior Andrew Daman, representing the Centurions, explained that in the past, ASSP has funded the trip, and junior Connor King explained that last year, Senate must not have considered the trip a retreat, since the club received more than the $25 per person. Senior Matt Garcia, ASSP vice president of finance, explained that Finance Board had considered it a retreat because it was overnight and thus the service day could not be joined by newcomers.

Senior Scott Jackson, ASSP vice president of ministries, suggested that funding the Centurions’ trip as a service trip would set a precedent for funding other service trips.

“For all of our SPRINT trips that we do, ASSP does not fund any of those,” Jackson said. “Everyone has to fundraise.”

Senators asked why no fundraising had been done for the trip, noting that in previous years, the club had contributed to costs with fundraising efforts.

“We would totally be willing to fundraise, but that would also take time away from our volunteer opportunities,” Senior Erik Mauk, Centurion president, said.

Senior Laura Nile moved to amend the proposal to allocate $2,828, suggesting that the club would make up the difference by adding a fundraising line of $1,200, about $25 per person. Senior Ellerie Chen explained that this amount would be similar to the previous year’s proposal, in which the fundraising total was about $23 per person. To overcome the recommendations from CSC and Finance Board, the amendment needed a two-thirds vote. It did not pass, with 13 out of 21 senators voting in favor.

After a brief additional discussion, another vote was taken for the same amount of $2,828. It passed, with 14 out of 21 senators voting in favor. After clarifying that the amount needed would differ based on how many people attended, the final proposal passed with 15 out of 21 votes for $2,828, or $58.91 per person.

Sophomore Kyle Davies presented a proposal from the Pre-professional Health Club to hold their annual Health School fair. The fair hosts representatives from graduate schools that pre-professional students can meet with. The proposal asked for $2,295 from ASSP to cover food and arrangements, but Davies explained that because the schools pay a fee to attend, the event would actually end up making a profit for ASSP of about $900. The proposal was approved.

The MODE fashion club requested $1,098 for their annual fashion show. Senior Jessica Nelson said that this year’s show would feature styles from manufacturers as well as student designers. The proposal covered craft supplies for decoration, a DJ and the rent of Upper Gwinn. The proposal passed after being amended to provide more money for pizzas for the volunteers.

Senate revisited the ASSP president constitutional bylaws that were tabled last week. Senior Isaac Gundersen, ASSP president, explained that the senior gift committee would actually not be removed because of transitional changes in the development department, and an amendment was approved to re-add the committee to the bylaws.

Senate also reviewed the executive vice president bylaws. Senior Jake Caouette, executive vice president, said that he removed the financial aid committee because it was unnecessary for ASSP to assess the Financial Aid Office. He also changed the budget and logistics managers in the student leadership development committee to programmers to allow for more flexibility in dividing up responsibilities within the committee.

Garcia also presented his bylaws. The bylaws were amended to require the ASSP treasurer to attend the committee for student clubs. This would make the treasurer a main point of contact for club finances, allowing the VPF to focus on organization. The bylaws for ASSP president, executive vice president and vice president of finance were tabled for next week.

Senate also approved Kaylyn Springer as the new student-at-large for Finance Board and Emily Brown as the new Emerson Hall senator.

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Kara Spoelstra

Assistant News Editor Kara Spoelstra is a senior ecology major.

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