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The Falcon’s editorial board interviewed each candidate and reviewed their campaign materials. The endorsements represent the majority view of the group. Vote on Banner tonight!


John Jarman: President

The main responsibilities of the ASSP president are to facilitate communication between the administration and the student body and to manage the ASSP core. The president needs to be an effective communicator, personable and an excellent coordinator. We believe John Jarman will be an excellent president for these reasons.

Jarman, a junior communication major, places a strong emphasis on team-building, a skill that will certainly translate to the role of ASSP president. His goal is to be physically present on campus next year through attending plays, playing Frisbee and eating at Gwinn. Jarman hopes to lead by example, as he currently does as the peer advisor on Sixth Hill.

Jarman is hesitant to be too confident if he assumes the position because he understands that the position demands lots of learning. As the former drummer in Group, Jarman learned skills as a servant leader and a supporter of campus ministry that have created a humble, capable candidate.


Brian Valley: Executive VP

The executive vice president position boasts an array of responsibilities, from holding Senate meetings and assisting the ASSP president, to sitting on various committees. Brian Valley’s involvement on Hill Hall Council from 2012-2013 and his role as a peer advisor on Fifth Hill this year are two of his most recent positions that will allow him to succeed as executive vice president.

Valley realizes that an important aspect of an efficient ASSP staff is the ability to form connections within the team. He looks forward to meeting with other officers one-on-one throughout the year in order to discover their individual needs and goals. One of Valley’s goals is to promote Senate meetings so that the student body is aware that the sessions exist as an open forum for campus-wide discussion.

Valley’s enthusiasm and determination will surely benefit the student body as the executive vice president.

He is running unopposed.


Elizabeth Rueda: VP of Ministries

Elizabeth Rueda’s experience as a student ministry coordinator and a peer advisor will aid her greatly in the position of vice president of ministries. The position includes the responsibility of empowering and supporting campus ministries as well as building community among students.

Rueda’s goals as vice president of ministries are to increase awareness of the ministries on campus and to promote collaboration with the vice president of intercultural affairs.

She believes that ministry and diversity are undoubtedly combined and that an important aspect of connecting with other people through ministry is acknowledging and reconciling different cultures and opinions.

Rueda has a desire to form relationships with students, ministry coordinators and other ASSP officers. She is sincere and compassionate about students and their involvement in different ministries, which will allow her to succeed as vice president of campus ministries.


Kelsey Tuohy: VP of Campus Activities

The duties of the vice president of campus activities are to oversee STUB, ORP and ASSP clubs. Kelsey Tuohy would thrive in this post because she has a natural interest in the position and a strong sense of belonging that will allow her abilities to flourish.

Tuohy understands that the VPCA’s responsibility is to be a support role for students who are in charge of different positions, such as STUB and ORP. Her goals are to communicate with clubs through social media, and she wants to reach out to peer advisors and hall council members in the dorms in order to gauge student interest where they live.

Tuohy is an energetic and intelligent student who is personable with the student body yet disciplined in her academics.

Moreover, Tuohy is well qualified in her administrative skills, which will benefit her and the greater student body as VPCA.


Jasmine Hairston: VP of Intercultural Affairs

The VPIA position exists to initiate and coordinate diversity efforts in student organizations at SPU. He or she oversees the four Catalyst programmers, who plan events on campus throughout the year that address issues of race and ethnicity. Another role is to encourage and support students from diverse backgrounds to participate in campus leadership. This is a relatively new position, and Hairston will be just the third student to fill the role.

Hairston has insight into the unique experiences of students from diverse backgrounds. She is currently a peer advisor, which offers a broad array of challenges, including ones applicable to the VPIA position. She lacks leadership experience in the realm of the VPIA, which would be a valuable quality in a candidate for the position. Becoming acquainted with that will be a high priority.

She is running unopposed.


Alicia McNeil: VP of Finance

Competency is key word when it comes to the vice president of finances, and we think Alicia McNeil has just that.

This position requires an extensive knowledge of how ASSP runs its finances, since the VP of finance, according to the ASSP Constitution, “oversees all budget and financial operations of the ASSP.”

McNeil knows the ASSP finance drill, as she is currently the senator for the School of Business and Economics and holds a position on Allocation Board.

A familiarity with ASSP financial process would make the transition into the position a smooth one.

We think her goal of adding more financial documentation is concrete and obtainable — not to mention, smart.

Most importantly, McNeil is committed to continuing ASSP’s financial transparency with students.

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