Senate talks bus passes

During a quiet Senate this week, senators discussed the availability of bus passes and approved a proposal to appoint another member to the Constitutional Advisory Board.

Isaac Gundersen, ASSP president, followed up on a student concern from a month ago regarding the availability of bus passes at the UNICOM desk.
He said he’d been in conversation with Amanda Wyma, the ASSP public relations manager, and with the SUB manager to discuss how to make bus passes more available to students.

Gundersen said that some graduate students and alumni had been using the bus passes because SPU IDs don’t have year numbers on them to identify whether the holder is an undergraduate student. He said they were working on clarifying that the passes are only available to undergraduate SPU students because they pay ASSP fees, which fund the passes.

Gundersen also said that a proposal for more bus passes could be submitted, but because passes are paid for per month, adding 10 more passes would cost $4,000 a quarter.

When the concern was last discussed, it also included a request to offer bus passes for a longer period of time than the current limit of eight hours because students who work eight-hour shifts do not have any transition time to get to and from work.

Kendrick Oppenhuizen suggested that providing 10-hour passes would be helpful for students who work longer shifts.

“I work an eight-hour shift, and I need that transit time, and I know there’re other people that do, too,” Oppenhuizen said. “Figuring out a way to designate for that target audience would be really good.”

Gundersen said that creating a 10-hour pass would result in too many passes being taken out of circulation, drastically reducing the number of passes available for students.

He also said that having more 24-hour passes could be an option. Twenty-four hour bus passes are currently available for $2.

A proposal to approve junior Sam Smith as the third member of CAB unanimously passed. Smith currently participates in ASSP as a STUB programmer.

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Kara Spoelstra

Assistant News Editor Kara Spoelstra is a senior ecology major.

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