American Dream is dead

America has been seen throughout the last century as the land of opportunity, the place where anyone has the chance to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become a member of the middle class. Upward economic mobility is key for the American Dream. However, in a recent study by LearnVest, a financial planning company, […]

Mission trips counterproductive

There is a growing fad among largely white, middle-class Protestants in the U.S. We have become infatuated with the idea of international mission trips. Increasingly, churches and schools are sending students out into lesser-developed nations uneducated, unprepared and unhelpful. While the intentions are good, mission trips rarely provide a lasting impact and do nothing to […]

Tuition, aid to rise for 2014-15

  Students vented their frustration on Twitter Monday afternoon after President Daniel J. Martin announced via email a $1,656 tuition hike for next year. “#BasicallyBroke, #Brokecollegestudent, #NotMadeof$.” Adding in the $219 room and board and $3 technology increases, the total costs will go up by 4.12 percent to $45,558. This year’s total costs, which includes tuition, […]

Gerard Shwarz on ‘Future of Music’

Maestro Gerard Schwarz addressed an audience of aspiring musicians on Monday night, his gravelly New York accent reverberating in the lofty sanctuary of First Free Methodist Church. His presentation marked the final installment of SPU’s “Futures in Music” lecture series. After graduating from the Juilliard School, Schwarz worked as the principal trumpet player for the New […]

Senate talks bus passes

During a quiet Senate this week, senators discussed the availability of bus passes and approved a proposal to appoint another member to the Constitutional Advisory Board. Isaac Gundersen, ASSP president, followed up on a student concern from a month ago regarding the availability of bus passes at the UNICOM desk. He said he’d been in […]