Weekly crime update 02/19

Car Prowl

On Tuesday, a security officer spotted a male suspect car prowling near Third Avenue and West Florentia Street. When the suspect saw the security officer, he fled in a vehicle.

Hit and Run

On Monday, someone was driving a vehicle on West Nickerson Street near Royal Brougham Pavilion and security officers noticed that sparks were coming from the rear of the vehicle. After reviewing the footage, they found the car had been speeding down the street when it hit the fence and posts near Wallace Field and spun out of control. Security officers and officers with the Seattle Police Department found the individual. The individual was arrested and the car was towed.


On Monday, security officers noticed someone on closed-circuit television breaking into the Irondale dorm hall construction area. Security officers confronted the subject and retrieved items that were being stolen. The suspect fled in his or her vehicle. The Seattle Police Department was notified and given a description of the suspect and the vehicle.

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Cory Minderhout

News Editor Cory Minderhout is a senior journalism major.

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