Records, books, Disney at 2014 EMP

Sophomore Corinne Valencia put off homework for a week in preparation for this year’s Experience Moyer Project.

“I have done nothing but eat, sleep and decorate over 10 hours a day [for] the past four days,” said Valencia, the vice president of Moyer Hall Council.

Moyerites decorated their rooms according to their hall’s theme, and attendees had a chance to view each room and vote for their favorite. This year’s themes were records (First Moyer), books (Second Moyer), and Disney movies (Third Moyer).

At the end of the night, one room was chosen as the winner for the entire hall. This year’s winner was themed after the Disney movie Around the World in 80 days.

Upon entering the room, one was met by a cool breeze of a fan blowing in the entryway. The viewer stood on a small platform and gazed over painted butcher paper depicting famous locations throughout the world.

Clusters of white balloons hung from the ceiling to mimic clouds, and a map hung on the wall on which visitors could pin locations they wished to travel to.

First Moyer’s Miley Cyrus room was another crowd favorite. The video for “Wrecking Ball” played on loop, and visitors had a chance to snap photos with a homemade wrecking ball that hung from the ceiling.

Attendees also enjoyed Second Moyer’s The Great Gatsby room, complete with snack trays, classy decorations and a station for making paper bowties.

In one of the Moyer lounges, student bands performed. Hall council rounded up eight musical groups. Folk act 10 Strings kicked off EMP’s four hours of live music, which featured a wide range of musical styles. Bands Like Minded Moon and jjkimmusic drew the largest crowds, with as many as 80 people in Moyer’s 1.5 lounge.

The night had high-energy moments with indie-grunge band Workin’ On Fire and blues-rockers White Lightning. Acoustic songwriter Katie Li took the stage around 10:30 p.m. to close the night on a soft note.

“Our two concerns were finding … a diverse range of bands, but then we also wanted to bring a community aspect,” said sophomore and hall council member Sam Filby. “We wanted to get a lot of musicians involved from other places [besides Moyer]. That way it sort of makes it more of a community event, even though it is the Experience Moyer Project.”

The crowd was a mix of current residents, past residents, students from other dorms and even people who don’t attend SPU.

Besides the live music and room decorations, there was an art gallery, temporary tattoo station and a dance party, nicknamed Club X, located in the basement of Moyer.

“I enjoyed seeing other people enjoying themselves from what we created,” Filby said. “When people go through the hallways and go to First Moyer and see the “Wrecking Ball” room, and they go to Second Moyer and they see the Hobbit room, and the Great Gatsby room and get excited about things … then it’s a big relief. It’s an event for people.”

For freshman Emilio Rivera, it was fun to see how the event brought members of his hall together. As one of two emcees for the night, he appreciated the ability to get involved as a first-year student.

“My favorite part was watching everyone’s reactions when their friends were playing onstage,” Rivera said. “These are people we go to school with, and I think it’s very awesome that we all have these unique talents. They were given the opportunity to shine onstage and perform in front of their friends.”

Filby said despite the pressure and time commitment of EMP, it worked out.

“In retrospect, I’m really happy [with how things turned out],” Filby said. “There was a lot of stress, but in the last 30 minutes, everything sort of pulled itself together and worked out really well, so I was really happy with how it ended up.”

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