Improv group relocates to Fremont


The improv group ComedySportz recently relocated to the Atlas Theatre at 3509 Fremont Ave. N. The troupe battles against other improv groups.
Henry Rogland/THE FALCON

Seattle ComedySportz opened its new location in Fremont on Friday with a great show and a roaring crowd.

ComedySportz is a Seattle improv comedy troupe with a sports-themed setup located in the Atlas Theatre. Two improv groups are pitted against each other in a series of bizarre and ridiculous games, each more hilarious than the last.

The grand opening celebrated the improv team’s move from Ballard. According to founding member and referee for the night, Kesan Holt, the new location was necessitated by inconvenience.

“We had to share space with the theater,” Holt said. “We had to work around their schedule and often their sets.”

Friday night saw ComedySportz pitted against Jet City Improv, a troupe from the U District.

ComedySportz took an early lead with wins in games like Sideline Debate: Alien Abduction Style and the Game of 3 Rooms.

Jet City Improv countered with wins in Say Again: Shakespeare Style and a freestyle rap game. The final score was close, but ComedySportz narrowly pulled out a win with a final score of 22-21. The games are all audience driven, so the styles and topics are subject to the audience’s imagination. This led to fun and interesting concepts like bobsledding in a bathtub of lava with the band ABBA.

“In improv, the audience is our friend,” Holt said. “They decide the course of the show. Every show is different, so even if you’ve seen one show, go again. It’ll be totally different.”

Holt was the referee for the night, keeping the show moving and watching out for fouls.

His excellent crowd work and off-hand comments kept the show fresh and personal, despite also monitoring the games and performers.

“There are two fouls,” he said.

The first is the “groaner foul,” which is reserved for “puns and stuff” that elicit a groan from the audience. The second is the “brown bag foul,” which occurs when someone says anything lewd, crude or otherwise inappropriate. The show is theoretically family friendly.

“We keep all comedy from the waist up,” Holt said.

In practice, however, the show does tiptoe close to the line. Particularly sensitive viewers might find certain moments a bit raunchy, but the performers do make a concerted effort to stay away from blue material.

The show is well-suited for groups of people and could provide a lot of entertainment to students willing to head over the bridge.

The tickets are fairly inexpensive, at $14.00, and the show lasts for well over an hour, including a short halftime. The concessions stand sells Mexican Coke, candy, popcorn and beer.

Shows are Friday and Saturday nights at 8 and 10 p.m. This is definitely a show worth seeing.

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