Editorial comment: Our Super Bowl prediction!

The big game is coming up this Sunday, and the city of Seattle couldn’t be more excited about our Seahawks! They’ve had a magical, exciting season so far, and they hope to finish it with a big win in the Super Bowl.

The big matchup everyone is anticipating is the Seahawks’ top-ranked defense versus the Denver Broncos’ offense, led by living legend Peyton Manning. The veteran quarterback has set records in the regular season and dominated the competition thus far. Don’t expect any interceptions, fumbles or safeties from him. And who knows, maybe Peyton can ask his little brother Eli (New York Giants QB) for some advice.

But looking to stop Manning will be Richard Sherman, a member of the Legion of Boom, the Seahawks’ secondary. He made an impact in the NFC Championship game, but some think he may just be all talk. Hopefully he doesn’t get hurt.

And while Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is undoubtedly one of the most studious quarterbacks in the league, he has struggled passing the ball in recent games.

Bruno Mars’ halftime show is sure to impress! Some raised an eyebrow at his appointment to the gig, considering he’s not as big of a name as recent performers such as Beyoncé or Madonna. But the up-and-coming pop star should be a delight to watch as he performs his hit songs on the biggest stage of his career. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are also rumored to join Mars during the show.

But regardless of all the talk leading up to this game, it’s sure to be a good one. It’ll probably be close, but in the Super Bowl matchups between top scoring defenses and offenses, the defense has taken five of the last six titles. We’re hoping the hometown boys can get this win (and the Lombardi Trophy!) and bring it back to the 12s.

Here’s our pick: The Seahawks are going to take home their first Super Bowl title 24-21.

It’ll go back and forth the whole game, and the defense will hold on to win by stopping a late-game drive by Manning and the Broncos.

Surely it’ll be pandemonium across the city when the clock strikes zero. But please, try not to litter too many Skittles wrappers, and keep your couches inside and safely not on fire.


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