A chance to chat with ASSP leaders

Senior Isaac Gunderson talks to students about his job as ASSP president.

Senior Isaac Gunderson talks to students about his job as ASSP president.

On Monday, student leaders sat down in a rare meeting with 25 students in Weter Hall to talk about their roles and the upcoming elections.

“As the ASSP president, a lot of what I do is coordinating and working with all the officers you see here,” said senior Isaac Gunderson, ASSP president, who spoke along with other leaders from ASSP and the Student Leadership Development Committee.

The forum was an opportunity for students to understand each leader’s job as well as get information about spring elections for next school year.

Each leader talked about his or her job in order to give students interested in campaigning a better idea of what each position entails.

Gunderson said since the beginning of the year he’s been “working to set a tone and a series of goals for us throughout the year, what do we want to be about, what are some issues we want to push toward making happen this year, and where do we want to make sure student voices are heard on campus?”

Senior Chelsea LaBelle is this year’s vice president of campus activities. She oversees clubs, the Outdoor Recreation Program and the Student Union Board. LaBelle also plays a large role in planning Homecoming Week events.

“When most people think of student government, they think of high school ASB, and I think that is what my job is mostly like,” LaBelle said. “I deal with everything campus life.”

Senior Scott Jackson is vice president of campus ministries and spoke about the importance of student-led ministries.

“SPU is pretty unique in that our ministry programs are connected to the student government. At a lot of other Christian schools, ministries would be primarily staff-led and put on for the students,” Jackson said.

Jackson oversees eight different ministries, including Gather, Group, SMCs, and SPRINT.

Senior Jake Caouette, executive vice president, discussed working with Senate. He also works with SLDC and the Elections Task Force.

Along with describing their jobs, leaders took questions about ASSP and ways to get involved. One student asked how much time ASSP leaders spend in their roles.

“It’s up and down,” Gunderson said. “Chelsea (LaBelle) just planned homecoming, so she was in and out doing office-related and ASSP-related work that whole week. But the week after, things were a lot slower.”

Someone else asked how students could get involved if they don’t want to campaign or apply for a hired position.

Gunderson encouraged students to attend events hosted by ASSP.

Caouette and LaBelle both encouraged students to get involved with Senate.

“Anybody who goes to Senate has the right to be recognized,” Caouette said. “So you can show up, and there’s a proposal for $6,000 for some event, and maybe you kinda think that’s ridiculous,  so you can say that you think that’s ridiculous.”

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