Artistic value misunderstood

The recent release of George Clooney’s The Monuments Men got me thinking about the significance of art for societies, as I’m sure most were left thinking similar thoughts while leaving theaters. But the film got me thinking about the respectability of art as such, especially contemporary art and its many new forms. It seems really in […]

Earning $120,000 or $45,300?

Actuaries on top of salary projection Senior Trevor Taylor is studying actuarial science, or as he calls it, “mathematical fortune telling” for insurance companies. In a more technical sense, actuaries use statistical and mathematical methods to assess risk in insurance and other industries. Their findings might determine things like auto insurance rates in a particular […]

Editorial comment: Media too focused on US medals

The Olympics provide an extraordinary opportunity for underprivileged athletes from across the globe to participate in a primary global event, one that celebrates competition and determination. However, U.S. media coverage of these ancient games is focusing primarily on U.S. athletes alone and not on lesser-known Olympians from around the world. Many athletes from countries such as […]