Gallery showcases metal techniques



Jewelry by Aran Galligan is on display at SPAC’s Gallery. Photo by Allison Northrop/THE FALCON

Gallerygoers may find the “please resist the temptation to touch this amazing artwork,” sign hard to adhere to at the new gallery exhibit at Seattle Pacific University’s Art Center.

“Precious Metals” features work by Ballard-based artist Aran Galligan and a collection of enamel works from SPU alumnus Bob Corson.

The exhibit opened Jan. 13 and is up until Feb. 14. Dr. Katie Kresser, professor of art and curator of the SPAC, said the works represent metal works of the past and present.

The combination of Corson’s collection and Galligan’s work to create the exhibit came together by somewhat of a coincidence.

“We thought, ‘Both of these people specialized in metalwork, so why not bring them together?’ ” Kresser said.

Corson’s collection contains spoons, and other small objects done in Plique-a-jour, a process that creates translucent enamel.

According to Kresser, human organs inspire Galligan’s contemporary jewelry. Galligan’s medium is mainly metal and ceramic.

An open reception for the exhibit will be held on Jan. 16 5–7 p.m.

On Jan. 22, Bob Corson will be giving a guest lecture at 11 a.m. in the Art Center.


Plique-a-jour, an ancient enamel technique, fuses enamel and metal to obtain the transparent and colorful look illustrated in these spoons. Allison Northrop/THE FALCON




Ballard based artist Aran Galligan creates contemporary jewelry, such as the broach pictured above. Photo by Allison Northrop/THE FALCON


Galligan’s work is inspired by science and human organs. Photo by Allison Northrop/THE FALCON


SPU alumnus Bob Corson shared his personal collection of Plique-a-jour objects. The pieces represent the past in the exhibit. Photo by Allison Northrop/THE FALCON


Corson’s collection includes spoons, pill boxes and other small, intricate pieces. Photo by Allison Northrop/THE FALCON


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