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Chocolati Café has locations in Walllingford, Greenlake, Greenwood and Downtown.

Chocolati was established in the year 2000 and is known for its savory chocolate truffles and drinking chocolate.

The closest Chocolati Café is located in Wallingford, a few doors down from The Golden Olive Mediterranean Restaurant and across the street from Fuel Coffee at 1716 N. 45th St. There are also locations in Greenlake, Greenwood and Downtown.

The cafe serves custom blends of hot chocolate, mochas and espresso beverages, as well as other chocolate creations.

With a sweet aftertaste and no overwhelming flavors, the blended ice drink, Chai Chill, is definitely a recommended cool drink.

Another must try is the horchata. The smooth rice milk with the delicious aftertaste of cinnamon soothes the palate and compliments the toasty atmosphere of the cafe.

Of course, the Chocolati Café would not be complete without an extensive hot chocolate menu. The Signature House is the house hot chocolate, and the most popular. It’s rich but not overwhelming.

Other drinking chocolate beverages include The Turtle and Dark Vader.

For a more flavorful chocolate vibe, go for the Orange Eclipse, Irish Cream or the Peppermint Pattie. The Europa is a darker hot chocolate, and the Cayenne is a spicy hot chocolate. And for a more traditional option, the cafe also offers Sea Salt Caramel hot chocolate.

For the quality of the chocolate, the prices are reasonable.

With two whole cases full of different kinds of truffles, the most popular chocolate candy is the Milk Chocolate Fresh Crème Truffle. It melts in the mouth the second one takes a bite. The truffle also has a chill to it when the cocoa powder dissolves in the mouth, giving off a chilling feeling. The chocolate powder on the outside of it makes it.

And with the dark wood countertops, deep red walls and aroma of fresh cocoa, it feels like being immersed in chocolate. The main floor has little tables and chairs and a view of the street. There is also the balcony overlooking the chocolate bar and street.

The third place would be the second balcony, which is above the kitchen. The darker color palette of the entire cafe includes warm brown and red tones, and dim lighting aside from any natural light, which makes for a perfect study place.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, the employees are over-the-top helpful.

The vibe coming from all the other customers was calm, like the smooth chocolate they were drinking. With the acoustic, soothing music playing in the background, Chocolati is definitely a hot spot for plopping down, writing an essay and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with a truffle.

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