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From the outside, one wouldn’t have high expectations, but the idea of not judging a book by its cover should be applied to Princess Nails.

Located on the corner of West Dravus Street and 15th Avenue West, at first glance, the building looks like nothing special.  Not run-down by any means, but a plain, off-white, grey, two-story building.  Occupying the bottom floor is Princess Nails.

Although the design and atmosphere may be mediocre compared to more luxurious nail salons, the service and quality of the work make up for it.

Once entering the building, customers do not get much of a better vibe than that of the exterior.  It’s a small space.  The area isn’t crowded, but a more open floor plan would be more inviting.

Immediately to the right is a cash register and small glass display case full of lotions, nail polish, and other hand and feet grooming supplies.

Behind and next to the case is the manicure area.  Three small workstations provide ample space to do nails, even if it doesn’t have the best appearance.  At the very back of this room is a door that leads to the waxing room.

The rest of the shop is a long rectangle, lined on one side with the classic pedicure tubs and massage chairs. Overall, the store is decorated with several green plants and simple paintings. Each employee’s nail certificate is displayed, as well.

It is suggested to call in advance and make an appointment because there is very little waiting area if you come at a busy time, just several chairs by the door.

Soft music playing and clean and well-kept work spaces create a relaxing environment.

A huge benefit to going to Princess Nails is their large selection of nail polish.  Whether a customer is looking for gel polish or a normal manicure, there are many color options in a variety of brands.

The service provided was efficient, yet it wasn’t rushed.  The ladies working paid close attention to detail and made sure that the customers are happy with the work.

To name just a few of their services, a gel polish costs $25, a basic pedicure $15 and a manicures $12.

During the manicure, the employees made sure to be gentle, and it was obvious they took pride in their work.  If they noticed an imperfection or mistake, they would go back and fix it without having to be asked.

The employees took the effort to make small talk, but weren’t too chatty.

The best part of the experience was after the manicure process — you receive a complimentary hand massage.  Not only is it relaxing, but also the coconut smelling lotion leaves soft hands.

However, if a customer has small or short nails, don’t expect to get a nail design.  This is disappointing for women who don’t have long nails and still want the design, but for a salon with good quality and low prices, a customer cannot expect too much beyond simplicity.

After a week, the gel polish has yet to chip and proves the quality of the nail work.

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