Pre-bunked beds upset students

Students who debunk their beds without facilities staff may now be fined $50.

Students who debunk their beds without facilities staff may now be fined $50.

When students moved into their dorm rooms this fall, many were surprised to find that, unlike previous years, their beds had been bunked during the summer.

“It was difficult for a lot of people this year because people come in with preconceived ideas of how they want their room to look,” sophomore Katherine Brenan said.

Initially, the university charged students $100 to have their beds debunked but then waived those fees, according to Gabriel Jacobsen, director of Residence Life. Students who initially took the beds apart without permission were fined $100. Staff members with the Office of Facility and Project Management are still the only people authorized to debunk beds, but that service is now free to students.

Jacobsen said facilities staff received numerous requests last year to bunk beds. They thought bunking the beds during the summer would reduce their workload during the year, he said.

“You’re forcing two complete strangers to live together — you should at least let them live how they want to,” sophomore Nikki Olson said. “And we’re paying to live here.”

Originally, the fine for taking the beds apart without permission was $100 but was later lowered to $50.Some students mistakenly believed they could not have their beds taken apart, but Jacobsen said that’s not true.

“We are actively talking about what this is going to look like next time around,” Jacobsen said.  “Because I think it’s apparent to us that there need to be some changes.”

Some students say now that fall quarter is halfway done, they’ve already adjusted to having bunk beds.

“It would be nice if when you applied that you could say how you want your beds,” freshman Katé Smith said. “Because now if we wanted them unbunked, it would be a really big hassle.”

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