No ice rink at Tradition

During Monday’s senate meeting, senior Chelsea Labelle, vice president of Campus Activities, announced that Tradition would no longer have an ice rink. Also, a replacement student-at-large was unanimously approved for Finance Board.

LaBelle explained that the ice rink approved two weeks ago for Tradition would no longer be part of the Christmas event. She said that after a meeting with the Office of Safety and Security, the Office of Facility and Project Management, and SPU’s in-house lawyer, they decided that it would not be a responsible use of student and STUB money to host the rink.

“What we determined was that there were too many additional expenses to justify having an ice skating rink,” Labelle said.

However, Labelle said that all three departments were willing to continue to work with STUB to determine ways to make the rink happen in future years. The $9,000 allocated to STUB at the last meeting will stay in ASSP’s budget.

Additionally, senior Isaac Gundersen, ASSP president, announced that club presidents can now print from a new club printing fund, which will allow them to better utilize the printers on campus.

Senate also passed a proposal for a new Finance Board appointment. The previous student-at-large, sophomore Steven Zulim, was unable to continue in his position because of other commitments.

Senior Matt Garcia, vice president of finance, proposed senior Ainsley Hiegel as Zulim’s replacement. He said that she is a math major, detail-oriented and interested in becoming more involved at SPU. The proposal unanimously passed.

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Kara Spoelstra

Assistant News Editor Kara Spoelstra is a senior ecology major.

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