A relationship Biond any other kind for volleyball cousins

Lexi (left) and Sara (right) BiondiThe Seattle Pacific volleyball team has a family connection that’s more than just team chemistry. Lexi and Sara Biondi are cousins, and both are contributing to help the Falcons continue their winning streak. But as they often reiterate, they are cousins, not sisters.

“I think every time someone sees our last name on the roster, [they think we’re sisters],” freshman outside hitter Lexi Biondi said.

The Falcons (12-8, 8-4 GNAC) were able to extend their winning streak to five games as they knocked off Montana State Billings in dramatic fashion Saturday. They were down 2-0 and were able to come back and win 3-2.

“It was really a matter of us making a few changes and executing at the level we know we are capable of,” head coach Chris Johnson said. “Thankfully, we were able to turn it around and do that.”

Not only was this a momentous win for the team, but it was also the first time the Biondi cousins were able to play together. And because Lexi is  No. 10 and Sara is No. 12, their names were back-to-back when the starting lineup was announced.

“We had never started at the same time before, so it was a really cool and funny moment when our numbers were called back to back,” junior setter Sara said.

Although the Biondi cousins are close now, it hasn’t always been that way. Their fathers are cousins, which makes them second cousins. Before this year, they had only gotten together a few times.

“I basically only saw her during big volleyball tournaments, but it was nice to have a lot of family there and connect that way,” Sara said.

It was very coincidental that they both came to SPU at the same time, as well.

“It was really an accident that we both ended up coming to SPU together,” Lexi said. “I just decided to come here as a freshman, and Sara happened to transfer here [from Washington State], and we didn’t realize we were both coming here until we saw it on Facebook.”

Even though they barely knew each other before this year, you could never tell. They get along really well and act like they’ve known each other forever.

“They’re really just good friends,” Johnson said. “They haven’t spent a lot of time together before this year, but they just have a lot of fun and are goofballs.”

And both Lexi and Sara came up big in the recent game against MSB. Not only did they get on the court at the same time, but they made huge contributions.

Lexi had seven kills, seven digs and one block assist, while Sara had six kills, 23 assists and six block assists. Throughout the season, the cousins have become closer.

“It’s been really nice getting to know her, and she’s definitely someone that I can look up to,” Lexi said.

There are no juicy fights between these two — they just get along really well. They really do seem like sisters. But they’re just your average second cousins playing volleyball together in college.

“We like to joke that we’re twins separated at birth because people always think we’re sisters,” Sara said. “Honestly, we just have a lot of fun together.”

The cousins and rest of the team returns home for a pair of weekend matches.