Editorial Comment

As journalists, the editors of The Falcon are obligated to seek the truth. It is the fundamental element of journalism. Without truth, there would be no credibility or loyalty from our audience. Thus, it is our obligation to abide by factual evidence and maintain accuracy. At times, the line of truth and falsehoods can be […]

How Twilight almost killed the vampire

This Thanksgiving, I was thankful for one thing: that the Twilight franchise finally premiered its final film and that, within a few months, the onslaught of rabid teenage girls and cougar mothers storming theaters to see glittering vampires and shirtless Native-Americans will slowly deplete for the last time! Well, at least until the next major […]

Israel not what it seems to be

Israel is very much on its way to becoming a superpower. In the United States, both citizens and politicians alike emphasize Israel’s vulnerability in the Middle East in relation to its hostile, anti-democratic neighbors. Israel’s “vulnerability” is being emphasized even more now, considering the recent tumult in Gaza. Many describe Israel as the only legitimate […]