Live blog: Seattle Sounders FC v Toronto FC, March 17

<b>Final score: Seattle Sounders FC 3, Toronto FC 1</b> — Sounders fans’ fears will be at least slightly alleviated after this result, even after the way Seattle’s CONCACAF Champions League effort ended. A good result in Seattle’s first league game against a very different Toronto FC team from what fans have seen since the club’s inception.

<b>90+'</b> — Alonso comes back onto the field quickly. He doesn’t appear to have any ill-effects.

<b>90+'</b> — Some nice one-touch play down Seattle’s right-hand side, featuring a couple flicks and back-heels, results in Osvaldo Alonso going down and staying down. Toronto substitute Aaron Maund gets a yellow card for the tackle, and Alonso needs assistance getting up. He limps off the field to cheers. It didn’t look too serious, but with Alonso’s injury history, you never know.

<b>90′</b> — Fredy Montero takes another free kick, and he gets this one on target, but it’s right in Milos Kocic’s hands. The fourth official showed three minutes of stoppage time after Montero’s free kick.

<b>87′</b> — David Estrada comes off to a loud ovation from the Sounders fans. Servando Carrasco comes on for Estrada to close out the game. The fans chanted Estrada’s name briefly, until a no-call from Salazar roused them to boos instead.

<b>85′</b> — Substitute Roger Levesque gets in and shoots hard and low to Kocic’s left. The goalkeeper just gets a hand on the ball to make the save. Levesque came very close there.

<b>84′</b> — As the game winds down, Toronto is going forward more frequently now, but Gspurning hasn’t really been tested. The game has found another lull in the action, with neither team doing much. Can’t blame them; the result has pretty much been decided by now.

<b>80′</b> — Montero hits another free kick over the goal, although this one was much closer. Some fans started cheering before they realized he missed.

<b>79′</b> — Roger Levesque comes on for Mauro Rosales. I’m not sure which player the loud cheers are meant for — both are fan favorites (with good reason) in Seattle.

<b>75′</b> — Rosales taken down hard in the box, which brings a chorus of boos from Sounders fans, but no call.

<b>74′</b> — Looks like I was wrong. Frings went down with a hamstring injury in the first half, not a shoulder injury. He’ll be re-evaluated when Toronto heads home tomorrow.

<b>71′</b> — And there’s his best save of the night. As an attacker streaks through behind Seattle’s back line, Gspurning saves the low shot with his feet, and the ball goes out of play.

<b>68′</b> — Gspurning with a relatively routine save down to his left. The Austrian hasn’t had much to do tonight, but he’s answered the call when he’s been tested.

<b>66′</b> — Christian Sivebaek comes on for Alvaro Fernandez, whose night finishes with two assists and some good 1 v 1 play.

Estrada’s hat trick is the third in Sounders FC history, following Blaise Nkufo and Lamar Neagle.

<b>63′ GOAL</b> — David Estrada caps off his hat trick not even a minute after Johnson brings Toronto back into the game. Fernandez fed him the ball, but Estrada finished it after dribbling past one defender. <i>Sounders 3, Toronto 1</i>

<b>62′ GOAL</b> — Ryan Johnson with a stunning finish. He curls the ball into the top left-hand corner of the goal with his left foot. Off the post and in. <i>Sounders 2, Toronto 1</i>

<b>60′</b> — Fernandez taken down in the Toronto penalty area, but he was offside anyways. No foul, no free kick for Seattle.

<b>57′</b> — Joao Plata makes his way into the game for Toronto. That’s Toronto’s third and final sub, bringing on another regular starter who found himself on the bench today. Winter’s tactical changes will be questioned if the scoreline remains the same. At this point, it looks like it may be too little, too late for the Canadians.

<b>55′</b> — Announced attendance: 38,709.

<b>54′</b> — Eckersley tackles Mauro Rosales off the ball in the Toronto box, and Rosales will trot over to take the corner. Rosales was in a great central position if he managed to get to the ball before Eckersley.

<b>51′ GOAL</b> — Marc Burch slips David Estrada through, and he slots the ball home after taking a touch. Kocic came out to cut off the angle, but Estrada put it on the ground and past him coolly. <i>Sounders 2, Toronto 0</i>

<b>47′</b> — An early second-half free kick from Fredy Montero goes over the bar from about 30 yards out.

<b>46′</b> — Danny Koevermans comes on for Toronto start the second half. Coach Aron Winter is looking for more of an offensive punch in the second half. Toronto with no shots on target in the first half, and Johnson missed the target twice but got something off at least.

<b>Halftime: Sounders 1, Toronto 0</b> — Estrada’s goal puts Seattle on top at the break. Johnson has been the most dangerous for Toronto, but he hasn’t managed any great chances. Rosales, Fernandez and Montero all active in the attack for the Sounders.

<b>45′</b> — One minute of stoppage time to be played.

<b>43′</b> — Halftime approaches, and neither team has done much in the last seven minutes or so.

<b>41′</b> — Hurtado with a last-second tackle on Johnson in the box to keep him from getting a shot. Johnson has been Toronto’s most dangerous attacker so far, but he’s got nothing to show for it.

<b>33′</b> — Fernandez with some fancy footwork down the left side. He’s taken down, and the Sounders want a foul, but referee Ricardo Salazar doesn’t give one. On the other end of the field, Johnson goes down under Fernandez’s tackle, and this time Salazar does blow the whistle. Fernandez is not happy.

<b>30′</b> — The Sounders’ goal seems to have woken Toronto up. It’s had more possession in the last few minutes, and Gspurning has had to make a couple simple saves. Johnson also hit the post once with a header.

<b>26′</b> — Osvaldo Alonso takes down Ryan Johnson and gets booked for his trouble. Alonso took his legs out from under him on the tackle. Toronto free kick easily cleared.

<b>24′</b> — Frings doesn’t get a chance to come back onto the field. He is substituted, and Aaron Maund comes on. It looks like Frings hurt his shoulder on the fall after his tackle.

<b>23′</b> — Sounders fans calling for a penalty on Frings after he tackles Estrada from behind, but the Toronto man got a foot on the ball to send it out for a corner kick. Great tackle from Frings, who stays down on the play.

<b>22′</b> — Rosales fails to get over the first defender with his free kick, and after the ball is cleared, Montero slips in his attempt to control the ball.

<b>17′ GOAL</b> — David Estrada puts the Sounders up 1-0. After a short scramble in the box, Kocic can’t hold onto the ball, and Estrada calmly slots it home from seven yards out. He did well to keep his composure with the ball and a couple bodies scrambling to get positioning around him. <i>Sounders 1, Toronto 0</i>

<b>16′</b> — The game has settled in now. Sounders with more possession in first 15 minutes, but yet to get a really good chance out of it. Corner kick coming up, so this may be what they’re looking for.

<b>12′</b> — Aceval with the service after a Marc Burch foul, but Patrick Ianni is there to pressure the ball and cause Frings’ header to go off target. Goal kick for Seattle.

<b>8′</b> — Kocic comes off his line to handle a cross. Toronto is playing more of a 5-4-1 right now, with Frings dropped off between the two center backs. He likes to get forward, though, so we’ll see how conservative he stays and for how long.

<b>6′</b> — Montero goes down the right side and fires a shot high and off target. He’s been active early on and gotten a few touches.

<b>3′</b> — Montero finds Fernandez, whose back-heel pass connects with Estrada, but he fires it high from about 25 yards out.

<b>2′</b> — Soolsma finds his way down the right side and wins a throw-in, but Eric Avila can’t control the ball for Toronto on the ensuing thrown, and Gspurning has a goal kick for the Sounders.

<b>1′</b> — The Sounders kick off toward the north goal and the newly opened Hawks Nest.

<b>7:05</b> — Teams getting ready to kick off. Both are advertised as starting in a 4-4-2 formation, but it’s rarely that simple.

<b>7 p.m.</b> — Welcome to the first MLS game of the season for Seattle Sounders FC. After crashing out of the CONCACAF Champions League to Santos Laguna on Wednesday, the Sounders will be hoping for a good start to the season. Their opponent, Toronto FC, had the opposite result in the Champions League, defeating the Los Angeles Galaxy in what is arguable the best result in Toronto club history.


<b>Seattle Sounders FC</b>: Michael Gspurning; Adam Johansson, Patrick Ianni, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Marc Burch; Mauro Rosales, Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans, Alvaro Fernandez; Fredy Montero, David Estrada

<b>Toronto FC</b>: Milos Kocic; Richard Eckersley, Ty Harden, Miguel Aceval, Logan Emory; Torsten Frings, Terry Dunfield, Eric Avila, Luis Silva; Ryan Johnson, Nick Soolsma

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