Editorial comment

Across the ocean, journalists are dying. The dangers of the Arab Spring have culminated in the deaths of at least half a dozen journalists in the last four months. Last Wednesday, as <i>Falcon</i> editors picked up copies of the paper we put together the previous night, two reporters in Syria paid the ultimate price for […]

Contraception debate dominated by men

The contraception debate in this country has turned into a political mess that may have serious consequences for women’s health. This is not about the state’s role in religion. This is about women’s rights. President Barack Obama’s administration’s policy mandating religiously affiliated institutions to provide contraception for women did not require women to violate their […]

Our sleazy alpha males

Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, the youthful, fearless leader of my family’s place of residence, is currently under investigation by the Washington State Patrol for improper use of county funds. Reardon reportedly used tax dollars to finance an affair with a county employee, taking her to conferences at which plenty of business was done, but […]

Officials address race topics

Will Schuester, the Spanish teacher in Fox’s <i>Glee</i>, was dressed in an embroidered bull-fighting outfit and sang “<i>La Cucaracha</i>” with the help of his brass band. Forty minutes later, dressed as a matador, he swirled a red cape around his head, begging for “a little less conversation and a little more action, please.” The song […]

The unspoken rules of Gwinn

Over 2,000 patrons file into Gwinn Commons each day for meals, socializing and studying. Though no one ever specifically outlined behavioral standards for Gwinn, a general implicit etiquette seems universally accepted among Seattle Pacific students. The issues encompassed in this seemingly arbitrary set of rules vary in importance to students. “I’m always careful to never […]