Three gymnasts earn career-high scores

Imagine if basketball teams started each game with 100 points, and instead of scoring more points, they could only finish with a fraction of the points they started with. In gymnastics, that’s kind of how the vault competition works. “It’s kind of hard to explain,” senior Sherah Veron said in an email. Veron finished second […]

Students assist in Tent City 3 move

Dressed to endure the piles of snow that dotted campus early Saturday morning, a group of Seattle Pacific students trooped to Wallace Field to build a city. They formed production lines, passing plywood and rocks to one another and occasionally broke into laughter when a load dropped into the mud. They were preparing the way […]

Snow transforms Seattle’s streets

Last week, Queen Anne Hill was closed to cars. However, it was not closed to kiddie pools, couch cushions covered in garbage bags, shower curtains, laundry baskets, inflatable kayaks and snowboards sprayed with cooking spray. On Wednesday, Queen Anne Avenue changed from its usual commuter street to a slope perfect for sledding. A police car […]

Homecoming Week has arrived

Homecoming. At the word, minds fly in various directions. Wearing a plastic crown and white sash at a high school assembly, performing daring athletic feats at the football game or dancing the night away in a cafeteria with a butcher-paper Eiffel Tower and punch that may contain additional ingredients. But that was high school. This […]

‘Kidz’ take on grown-up themes

The wobbly bass line and rising synth hook of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” might be better associated with red party cups than sippy cups. Hearing prepubescents yell “party rock!” in polished, innocent harmonies is perhaps the best way to introduce <i>Kidz Bop 21</i>, the latest release in the Kidz Bop franchise. It also might be […]