‘Toms, like the shoes’

Sophomore Toms Lee, Ashton Hall president, has a Facebook page dedicated to him. “Hello, ladies. Look at your man. Now back at Toms Lee. Now back at your man. Now back to Toms Lee. Sadly, your man isn’t Toms Lee,” said one wall post, parodying a popular Old Spice television commercial. Sophomore Chelsea Labelle wrote: […]

I-1183 impact on community

We have a lot to say about alcohol at Seattle Pacific, and the policies on campus addressing the subject have been changed over the last couple of years. What, then, will the new state liquor law mean to the SPU community? Just over a year ago, SPU’s Lifestyle Expectations took a turn toward leniency when […]

Shoeboxes packed with gifts

This Christmas, one organization is making certain that every child receives a gift – especially those in developing countries. On Nov. 14, FM1, a collaboration between University Ministries and First Free Methodist Church, assembled contents in shoeboxes to send overseas as gifts to less-fortunate children through a program called Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child […]

Holiday home hopping

Not all students get to spend winter break at home. Some plan to stay with friends, others with family close by. But this holiday season, one student plans to travel from city to city and stay with others – he may even be “homeless” for a few days. Freshman Kajana Movery, from Honolulu, will not […]

Holiday Recipes for the Dorms

As December unfolds into a festive cornucopia of merriment and holiday cheer, many families participate in the tradition of making cookies or treats together. Unfortunately, for college students living in dorms or away from home, this can be hard to do. Some might find it impractical to bake enormous Christmas cakes or to whip up […]

Holiday gifts on a budget

For whatever reason or holiday, college students will have to think about giving gifts in the next month. They will have to consider their budget, time and list of people to whom to give gifts. Rather than working to appease handfuls of acquaintances with spendy or half-hearted presents this year, follow this rule of thumb […]