Number, severity of mental health issues at SPU trending upward

Seattle Pacific served a record number of students at the Student Counseling Center last year, giving SPU the highest percentage of students utilizing university counseling centers nationally. Not only are more students seeking counseling, but the seriousness of their problems is also escalating. During the 2010-2011 school year, 22.5 percent of SPU students sought counseling […]

TOMS lets politics sink venture

After a Christianity Today article disclosed a statement from Focus on the Family saying they would be partnering with TOMS Shoes to become international shoe distributors, an outraged online petition from demanded TOMS break off the alliance with the “anti-gay, anti-choice group.” Having recently headlined a Focus-on-the-Family-sponsored event, Blake Mycoskie, founder and chief shoe […]

Editorial Comment

When the end of Autumn Quarter arrives, the search to find new textbooks will begin. The Seattle Pacific Bookstore is appealing to students because it is convenient. But the bookstore is not the only place to acquire books. Many students devote their time and energy searching for books online. Good deals on books can be […]

Fun rumors debunked

A popular – albeit short – legend I hear around campus goes something like this: If students have a dorm roommate who dies, students will receive a 4.0 GPA for their current term. Supposedly, the grief would sink their academic life, and Seattle Pacific would compensate them somewhat for their loss with perfect grades. Although […]

Rejected amendment radical, dangerous

Mississippi voters voted down Initiative 26, also known as the Personhood Amendment, by an unanticipated 58 percent on Nov. 8. The Personhood Amendment’s purpose was to ban all abortions in Mississippi, with absolutely no exceptions, including pregnancies caused by rape or incest. The radical nature of this amendment speaks for itself, given how Mississippi, in […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor: I feel a responsibility to comment on your Nov. 16 editorial titled “Penn State could happen at SPU.” First, permit me to affirm your conclusion that Seattle Pacific should be a safe place, and that we all have the duty to report and follow up on incidents of “abuse” or “wrongdoing,” which we […]