Editorial comment

Seattle Pacific gives the campus community a unique opportunity on the annual Day of Common Learning. Morning and afternoon classes are cancelled for students to attend a keynote address in Royal Brougham Pavilion, followed by focused seminars led by members of the SPU community. For those students whose professors do not mandate attendence, getting out […]

This Halloween, make your costumes count

<<photo2505|left>><<photo2505|left>>It seems not so many Halloweens ago that the streets were awash with Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Knight, the Joker. And then there was the great Borat flood of 2005. This season, instead of wearing something tasteless or typical, get creative with your Halloween costumes and consider alternatives to these overused ideas: <b>Costume […]

University Center postponed

Despite ongoing fundraising and planning efforts, the new University Center has been suspended indefinitely. In an email to Seattle Pacific faculty and staff, President Dr. Philip Eaton said that the current state of the economy does not permit the school to continue with the project. The University Center is a proposed $72 million complex combining […]