<strong>Car Prowl </strong> On May 3, a student reported that their car, which had been parked in the Ashton parking lot overnight, had been burglarized. Nothing appeared to be missing, but the perpetrators had left a case containing drugs and drug paraphernalia on the seat of the car. A security officer responded, interviewed the victim, […]

Ministry leaders approved

Next year, Seattle Pacific students will see new faces at the helm of Campus Ministries. At the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific Senate meeting on Monday, senators approved nine new campus ministry candidates. Campus Ministry Council chose to recommend all of the candidates at their meeting by a vote of 15-0, despite there being other […]

Film explores education

To compete for acceptance to top colleges, students in one Oakland, Calif., high school are expected to enroll in at least three Advanced Placement classes and do roughly six hours of homework every day, according to the documentary “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture.” But among the 5,000 students in that […]

Dress impacts employment

The way people dress directly impacts how others perceive them, said Raedene Copeland, assistant professor of fashion merchandising and design and family and consumer science. “Dress is panoramic,” Copeland said. “Dress is everything.” On Thursday, Copeland shared her passion and knowledge about the impact of clothing in interviews with a small number of students and […]

Canon important to meaning

Biology major and theology minor sophomore Shelby Knudtson had only read two Pauline letters before Spring Quarter, she said. That changed when she took Professor of Christian Scriptures Rob Wall’s class on the Pauline Letters, in which Wall explores the ideas underlying the canonical order of the New Testament. These ideas will be the basis […]

Letter to the editor

To the editor, At first I was disappointed by The Stranger’s front page article on Seattle Pacific sexcapades. It could have been a thoughtful discussion on legislated moral policy in the real lives of college students. Instead, it was a “Jersey Shore” sexpose of prayer rooms and blow jobs. But it is not up to […]

Staff editorial

First, there were “birthers”; now, there are “deathers.” The White House announced this week that photographs of Osama bin Laden’s remains will not be released, in spite of mass public demands for “proof” of his death. Regardless of such clamor and controversy, the administration’s decision to withhold the photographs is a wise one. The photos […]

Technology moving at an unsustainable pace

“New” has a quick turnover rate these days, thanks to frequent upgrades. More often than not, I seem to either hear or hold a conversation like this: <strong>Person A:</strong> “Hey, check out my iPad.” <strong>Person B:</strong> “Oh, is that the old one?” <strong>Person A:</strong> “What do you mean? I got this eight months ago.” <strong>Person […]