Senate signs Constitution

At the final Associated Students of Seattle Pacific Senate meeting Monday night, ASSP Executive Vice President senior Matt Van Deren, ASSP Executive Vice President-elect sophomore Alyssa Sutherland and Constitutional Advisory Board Chief Justice senior Jessica Fetzer signed the newly revised ASSP Constitution. Besides correcting grammatical mistakes and making language more consistent – faults that Van […]


<strong>Hit and Run</strong> Last Wednesday, a student called the Office of Safety and Security to report that their car had been hit while it was parked in the Ross Parking Lot over the weekend. A security officer responded, interviewed the victim, obtained photos of the damage and completed a report. <strong>Theft </strong> On the evening […]

Staff editorial

Across the world, believers and non-believers alike attended “rapture parties” in preparation for 6 p.m. Saturday — the day that was supposed to usher in five months of death and destruction on Earth. When absolutely nothing occurred at that hour, most of humanity was left on Earth; indeed, most of humanity was unshaken by the […]

Season cut for cash

A selfish NFL lockout means more than just boring Sundays. Reggie Bush, star running back for the New Orleans Saints, caused a small ruckus amongst fans in the Twitter world on May 9 when he commented on the labor disputes that have led to the current NFL lockout. “Everybody is complaining about the lockout. Shoot, […]

Ryder looks at WWII camps

During World War II, conscientious objectors did more than just dodge the draft. Up to 40,000 of them chose instead to work in camps under the Civilian Public Service, said Associate Professor of Theatre Andrew Ryder. One of these was Kermit Sheets, Ryder said. Sheets spent four years in Camp Waldport, where he wrote plays […]

Gaga for Gospel

I must admit: I did not want to become a believer. But the more I heard, the more I listened; the more I listened, the more I understood; the more I understood, the more I believed. And how precious did Lady Gaga appear, the hour I first believed. But not everyone has seen the light. […]

Graduation to bring freedom

After she graduated in 2010, Seattle Pacific alumna Avery Matro found herself moving in with her parents. Though she had known since her junior year she wanted to study law, she said, money became an issue once she graduated. She said the move back home was a struggle. “But you do what you have to […]