Senate amends ETF bylaw

The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific Senate passed an amendment Monday night that will change what the Election Task Force will look like next spring.

Since it was first brought up at last week’s meeting, some language in the amendment has changed based on input from senators and Director of Student Programs Dale Anderson, as well as discussion between ASSP Executive Vice President junior Matt Van Deren and ASSP President senior Allen Klein.

The ETF, which was originally proposed to have five voting members, will now have seven voting members, including the ASSP executive vice president, four senators, one student representative and a faculty liaison, who will only vote in the event of a tie.

Membership for the task force was increased to seven to effectively represent a larger diversity of students, Van Deren said.

Last week, Anderson questioned the effectiveness of representing the whole campus with only five members on the ETF.

The position of student representative, which was not in Van Deren’s original amendment, was the result of an amendment by Hill Hall Senator sophomore Nate Strong. Strong said having only senators on the task force would limit the potential involvement of the campus and the voice of the general student body.

Strong, who was part of an ASSP task force and a committee last year, said he appreciated being able to contribute even though he was a freshman and inexperienced with ASSP process.

Last week, Van Deren expressed concern that someone who does not have experience with Senate or ASSP might not be able to serve effectively. This was based on what he has seen in the past, he said.

Senator at Large Pro Tempore junior Heidi McElrath objected to this comment. She said she recently talked to someone who was not a senator but participated as a member of ETF last year and felt “perfectly able to serve.”

The amendment also says the task force quorum will consist of five people, including the ASSP Executive VP and the faculty liaison. This is so ETF can meet and make decisions quickly, even when schedule conflicts arise, Van Deren said.

The five-member quorum was originally suggested by Anderson and supported by McElrath last week.

The shape of the voter information packet provided to students was also subject to change in the amendment. The title of the “Voter Information Packet” section was changed to just “Voter Information," and new wording has been put in place, allowing for more creativity in the way voter information is presented. The section now reads, “ETF shall make candidate applications public and accessible to all undergraduate students.”

With this new wording, voter information will not just come in the form of “ten pieces of paper paper-clipped together” to be picked up at the Student Union Building, Van Deren said.

Also, instead of “bombarding” students with fliers and pamphlets, of which Van Deren said students get enough already, he hopes to see better utilization of the Internet and Facebook. The new language, which is more abstract, allows for this, he said.

Senate also discussed and made a friendly amendment to have a period placed at the end of the sentence in the “Ballot Measures” section. With the addition of the word “thereof” to end the sentence, the amendment was passed.

The overall amendment for the 2010-2011 ETF bylaw changes was also passed.

In other news:

- More applicants are being interviewed for vacant positions in Senate. Van Deren said he hopes to see every seat filled.

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