In the Oct. 6 issue of The Falcon in the story “Freshmen serve, build relationships,” Ken Nsimbi was mistakenly identified. In the Oct. 13 issue of The Falcon, a photo caption for the “Moyer dorm room ruined” article erroneously stated that the dorm room had been declared a biohazard. In the Oct. 13 issue of […]


Hit and run On Sunday evening, a student reported damage to their car, which was parked in the Ashton parking lot. Safety and Security was notified. An officer took pictures of the damage and filled out a report. This article was imported from The Falcon’s Records If you find an error, mistake, or omission due to the […]

Senate amends ETF bylaw

The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific Senate passed an amendment Monday night that will change what the Election Task Force will look like next spring. 
Since it was first brought up at last week’s meeting, some language in the amendment has changed based on input from senators and Director of Student Programs Dale Anderson, as […]

Close election; Obama visits Seattle

Surrounded by a crowd of students and Murray supporters in Husky Stadium on Thursday, senior Kristin Gaerlan and junior Dusty Henry shook U.S. President Barack Obama’s hand. Henry said he was awestruck. “Afterwards it was like … we just shook the president’s hand,” Henry said, his eyes wide. The duo watched the president make an […]

Reinsma takes a hike

For many people, serenity involves a hot bath, a massage or even a nap, but for Professor of English Luke Reinsma, peacefulness comes at the thought of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. “One of the reasons I love the mountains is perfectly obvious: They’re full of peace, they’re full of beauty, they’re full of serenity,” […]

Harmon speaks at SPU

Terrorism is not going to disappear any time soon; the important thing is how the United States deals with it. That is the message Christopher C. Harmon, Matthew C. Horner chairman of military theory at the Marine Corps University and director of terrorism and security studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security […]

‘Stimulus’ distorted by Republicans

Humans have an impact on the environment. People in the nation’s highest law-making body should attend law school. Certain things make sense. The Republican Party’s campaign message does not.

 Everyone agrees the economy sucks. But should we distort the truth about it? "The government has taken over everything,” reads Dino Rossi’s apocalyptic statement in this […]