Hit and Run On April 19, a Lexus parked in the Dravus Lot level four was the victim of a hit and run around morning time. A security officer interviewed the victim, searched the CCTV coverage and found the vehicle likely responsible for the damage. The owner of that car was contacted and interviewed. Burglary […]

Professors examine Darwin, theology

Often, evolution is an ill-fated subject among evangelical Christians. However, not every tradition views Charles Darwin’s data in the same way. On April 22, a panel of Seattle Pacific professors, along with Randy Maddox, professor of theology at Duke Divinity School and former SPU professor of theology, sought to explain the diverse views on evolution […]

Senate approves payroll limitations

Next year’s student leaders will be feeling a pinch in their ASSP stipend paychecks, which may decrease by more than six percent. Senate passed a bylaw amendment decreasing the overall portion of the ASSP budget allocated for student compensation from 48 percent to 45 percent. In addition, Senate entered its third week of discussion for […]

‘She hung onto Phil. 4:13’

On Monday morning, former SPU freshman Karina Robertson, 19, died at Tacoma General Hospital as the result of pneumonia after complications due to treatment for leukemia. Robertson withdrew from Seattle Pacific at the beginning of Winter Quarter after she was diagnosed with leukemia, but remained an integral part of her floor in Emerson Hall. "She […]