Letter to the Editor

Two weeks ago, Nathan Kato argued that we must interpret Genesis 1-3 literally to maintain the doctrine of original sin. As a biology student, however, I believe that a spiritual understanding of creation leaves room for evolution, and that scientific reasoning practically demands it. Contrary to popular belief, speciation has been observed in modern times. […]

Bloggers fearing legal action

Each time someone posts something on Facebook.com, Twitter.com or a blog, he or she is being put at risk. A recent string of libel suits against online posts raises the question of truth and freedom of speech in an increasingly online world. As the Internet tightens its grasp on our culture faster than the law […]

Top ten albums of 2009

In 2009, Lady Gaga let people know that reading her poker face was a futile task and Soulja Boy pleaded listeners to kiss him through the phone. When people look back on this year, these may be the artists they remember. However, there are albums that are sure to surpass the year and leave their […]

Holiday ‘tradition’ returns

The inside of the SUB has been decorated for the holidays. Moyer is lit. Christmas music can be heard around campus. And the Student Union Board is finalizing its plans for Tradition. "Tradition is the best thing ever and everyone should go," said senior Nick Davenport, an event programmer for STUB. "It’s one of the […]