Hate Crime — Vandalism

A peer advisor in Hill Hall reported that an article posted on a bulletin board had been vandalized with a racial slur between Nov. 11 and 20. A security officer is investigating.

Assault, Simple

On Nov. 18, one student hit another student with a basketball on the back of the head during a verbal confrontation at a basketball game. A security officer responded and mediated the disturbance. A Residence Life staff member spoke with the students.


On Nov. 18, Safety and Security was advised that burnt food in an Emerson Hall microwave had produced smoke and that they may receive an alarm. A Residence Life Coordinator opened windows and aired out the lounge area. No alarm was received.


On Nov. 20, Safety and Security received a fire alarm from Ashton Hall. The responding officer identified the cause of the alarm as burnt popcorn. Seattle Fire Department responded and propped open exterior doors to circulate air. No injuries or property damage were reported.


On Nov. 21, Safety and Security received an alarm from Hill Hall. The responding officer determined that the alarm was caused by a burnt food item on the stove. Seattle Fire Department arrived, investigated, confirmed the security officer’s finding and reset the alarm panel. No injuries or damage to structure or property were reported.

Domestic Violence

On Nov. 21, a student called to report two individuals "fighting" on the patio of the Bailey Apartments and said it sounded violent. An SPU security officer responded. Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Police Department were also contacted and responded. One of the individuals was arrested.


On Nov. 24, a caller reported that the trash can on 3rd and Bertona St. was smoking and could possibly be on fire. A security officer responded.

Malicious Mischief/Vandalism

On Saturday, an RLC reported vandalism in a stairwell of Emerson Hall. A security officer responded, investigated and photographed the damage.

Malicious Mischief/Vandalism

On both Nov. 7 and 18, a security officer took a report from a resident of the Cremona apartments who reported that his vehicle had been vandalized. The officer completed a report and obtained photos of the damage.

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