Staff Editorial

Senate tabled the 2010 Elections Guidelines for further discussion on Monday night. The Elections Task Force proposed guidelines, which state, "There shall be absolutely no campaigning on social networking sites such as,, etc. This also includes posting links to a campaign website on such sites." ASSP President Kevin McFarland suggested an amendment to […]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: The debate that occurred in Senate this Monday regarding the Election Task Force Guidelines has a stronger impact on students than they are likely to believe. In past years, students running in an ASSP election have been banned from posting any election material on social networking sites such as Facebook. The logic […]


In the Nov. 11 issue of The Falcon, the caption for the article titled "Club provides safe place for all views," incorrectly stated that 75 percent of students in college lose their faith. While the group was discussing the issue of losing faith in college, this number was not properly verified. Due to an editing […]


Burglaries A student in Hill Hall reported his laptop as stolen between the hours of 12 and 2 a.m. on Nov. 11; an RLC was notified. Two days later, another student in Hill Hall called Safety and Security to report a stolen laptop charger. The missing charger was found on Nov. 14 in the room […]