Malicious Mischief A security officer found a damaged fire alarm box in Ashton Hall while on patrol Friday. Photographs of the damage were taken, and OSS plans to retrieve CCTV coverage. The dispatcher informed Plant Services. Malicious Mischief Unit 13 found graffiti on the Nickerson Street side of the Walls Advancement Center at 1:11 a.m. […]


Shapadooah Spring, sunshine and Shapadooah are the perfect mix for a picnic, so don’t miss out on the fun, food and music tomorrow evening starting at 5 p.m. in Martin Square. For more information, contact Kate Peterson, executive director of the Student Union Board, at 206-281-2459. Ashton Ball Put on your Sunday best and head […]

ASSP senate to establish judicial body

Last night at around 9:30 p.m., the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific’s student senate fell one vote short of passing a proposal to include a Judicial Board as part of student government. Two hours later, the same proposal passed with over a 2/3 majority. <<photo312|right>> Senate questioned the specificity of the board’s function as outlined […]

Four-percent decrease final

After three weeks of intense debate and division, the final student compensation numbers were approved unanimously early this morning by student senate. <<photo313|right>> Instead of using the formula system they had previously developed to determine new pay measures, Constitutional Review Committee members proposed an amendment that specifically changed just nine positions and one compensation fund. […]

Student counseling sees spike in patients

The Student Counseling Center experienced the second largest spike in the number of students it serves this year since the center opened in 2001. According to Steven Maybell, director of the SCC, the center will finish the year having seen approximately 700 students, the highest total since its inception. In previous years, SCC only saw […]

Cremona building to add classes

When construction on the 8400-square-foot, two-story classroom building on Cremona Street is completed, 240 students will be able to fill its seats. The university is currently working on a design and land use permit for the building, which will include three 40-person and two 60-person classrooms, said Dave Church, assistant vice president for Facility Management. […]

War victims’ families seek solace

WASHINGTON — The Navy doctor had told everyone he would speak frankly, and he did. "Some of the things I’m going to talk about may have you relive some things you don’t want to relive," said Capt. Charles Blankenship. Three women got up from their seats and left the hotel conference room. Everyone else stayed. […]

Letter to the Editor

The recent campus Day of Silence and related communion service has reminded us of the ongoing need to continue to promote dialogue, as articulated by Grant Rehnberg of Haven. I agree, and would like to offer to our community two specific resources that can help serve this purpose. The first is a an article/booklet authored […]