Letter to the Editor

It is always a disappointment when any of our performing groups gets cut due to funding issues and Unlimited and University Players are no exception. The annual Choir, and Wind Symphony Spring tours were also cancelled this year due to funding issues. These issues affect the university as a whole.

Mr. Zook’s comment "Unlimited raises the bar on what the school expects musically. Without groups like Unlimited going out, the university loses the culture it claims to engage", although partly true, Unlimited is not the only musical group on campus that engages the culture. Unlimited and the University Players are just two branches on our cultural tree.

SPU has several outstanding performing groups that reach out to the community and present inspiring performances right here on campus and in the community. Such groups as the SPU Concert Choir, Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Gospel Choir, Wind Symphony, Thalia Symphony, Jazz Ensemble, Brass Ensemble. Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, String Quartet and Percussion Ensemble are all top notch performing groups that also raise the bar on what the school expects musically.

Most of these groups have nowhere the budget that Unlimited and the University Players have had. Frankly, I was taken by surprise when it was reported in the Falcon that these two groups cost $300,000 per year. Most of the students in our other ensembles receive no scholarships nor the budget to purchase the equipment they need. Several of our ensemble directors buy all the music for their ensembles, repair equipment themselves and donate their personal resources and time to take their groups off campus.

With all of these great groups right here on campus I find it interesting that their performances are rarely if ever reviewed in The Falcon. We hear about local groups that are playing off campus, a new CD release, or as of late the upcoming David Bozan concert. It is only deserving that the many talented SPU students in the music, theater and arts departments also receive some recognition for the incredible work they are doing. The Falcon owes it to the SPU community to acknowledge the great work being done right here on campus and I encourage the SPU community to support their own performing and visual arts presentations. Although Unlimited and the University Players will be missed we have other great groups that continually raise the bar and engage the culture.


Dan Adams

Director of Percussion Studies

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