Pastor and author combats Christian Zionism

The United States’ support of Israel is built on faulty principles and is hurting the country’s foreign policy, evangelical Anglican pastor and London author Stephen Sizer said. Yesterday afternoon, Sizer spoke in Demaray Hall 150 at an event called "Christian Zionism: What is it? Its history, theology and political impact on the world today." Throughout […]

"Dancing at Lughnasa" review

Family life can be difficult, but feeling loved and supported through the tough, confusing and just plain weird times makes it worthwhile. For Michael Mundy in "Dancing at Lughnasa," growing up in an abstract family full of secrets and quirks, it’s these feelings that make his family what they are: not perfect, but still there […]

Staff Editorial

April 17 was the National Day of Silence, an annual event raising awareness of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Haven, Sophia, Mosaic, the Department of Sociology and the Student Counseling Center sponsored the event on campus. The day included many students taking an 18-hour vow of silence, a display in Martin Square […]

All programs need intellectual boost

Every spring quarter, while most students are busy studying cloud formations and the effects of sunlight on the skin, a sector of the senior class is madly tweaking their long-awaited honors projects. But I have trouble seeing how the honors projects’ unveiling is any different from a middle school science fair. University Scholars have their […]

Time to green up now

"In planetary terms, we are all downstream," said authors William McDonough and Michael Braungart in their green manifesto, "Cradle to Cradle." Their book reveals the closed-loop nature of our delicate planetary system and cites trash as merely one example of our interconnectedness. There is no "away" to throw things to, really, and that is at […]

Letter to the Editor

Way to be a strong beacon of life professing God’s love! I am so proud that there are students stepping up and taking action in this way on this campus. God loves all of you as you are, not as you should be. And good for you for taking communion. Jesus said "come to me." […]

Letter to the Editor

It is always a disappointment when any of our performing groups gets cut due to funding issues and Unlimited and University Players are no exception. The annual Choir, and Wind Symphony Spring tours were also cancelled this year due to funding issues. These issues affect the university as a whole. Mr. Zook’s comment "Unlimited raises […]