STUB budget change for concert approved

Student senate unanimously passed a proposal Monday night allowing the Student Union Board Programmers Fund to reallocate $1,230.90 within their budget to bring musicians David Bazan and Noah Gunderson to campus on April 24.

After receiving numerous requests from students for more concerts here on campus, STUB and KSPU partnered to bring respected outside artists to the SPU community, according to the proposal.

The provoking nature of David Bazan’s music would bring a unique perspective and healthy dialogue to the SPU community, said Zeek Earl, director of KSPU. SPU artists will be invited to open for the concert.

Earl and STUB Programmer Max Sutherland detailed cost savings and better planning than in previous years, hoping to set a good precedent for future concerts at SPU.

Vice President of finance Anna Carlson said it was important for senate to be a part of the discussion, even though the money to host the concert is not coming from the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific’s budget.

Executive Vice President Kevin McFarland updated senate on the discussion between the Falcon and the Board of Student Media over the server and "breaches of policy there." There are many issues at play regarding content between the Falcon and the administration, policy violations and, finally, the issue of getting the Falcon online, McFarland said.

Senators asked questions concerning the funds donated for the purchase of a server and the accessibility of the club handbook.

President Joel VanderHoek said the money issue was complicated but ultimately would be up to senate as the final decision-making body.

Whitney Broetje, vice president of campus activities, said the club handbook is available online. However, it is not currently within her budget to print enough copies for media groups.

In other news:

* Senate allocated up to $1,875.39 from the General Fund for the Centurions Mission 2009. In order to maintain lower costs and encourage participation, the Centurions will be working at Lion’s Ridge, a Christian outdoor camp, near Bozeman, Mont., instead of traveling to Los Angeles. With few questions and no debate, the proposal passed unanimously.

* After their reasoning for being absent was discussed, the three senators who had multiple unexcused absences were pardoned unanimously by senate. College of Arts and Sciences: Humanities Senator Benjamin Kasper said he was studying for an examination. School of Psychology, Family and Community senator KT Barnes said she was watching "Gandhi," a requirement for her UCOR class. Commuter senator Tyler Anders apologized and said he had been skiing in Utah.

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