Falcon signs agreement

The Falcon signed an agreement with the university to acquire an on-campus server on Tuesday.

The agreement was signed by Dean of Student Life Jeff Jordan and Associated Students of Seattle Pacific University President Joel VanderHoek.

The agreement asks The Falcon to "reaffirm their commitment to abide by and operate student media according to the terms specified in the Guidelines for Student Media Organization at Seattle Pacific University."

It also affirms that, "as a private university, Seattle Pacific University and the Board of Trustees are legally responsible for The Falcon."

Jordan said that, with the signing of the agreement, The Falcon is in compliance with university policy and encouraged The Falcon and ASSP to act on a proposal to fund an on-campus server.

Therefore, The Falcon will present a proposal for a new on-campus server to Finance Board today. The proposal includes the request that the donations The Falcon received be used for the server, as was the donors’ original intent.

The Falcon has received donations from faculty and community members to purchase an on-campus server since August 2008. In winter 2009, The Falcon had received enough donations to purchase a server and operating system, which it did.

The Falcon violated the ASSP Organizational Resource Manual by operating an off-campus bank account and not reporting the fundraising to ASSP. Although the editors have acknowledged that they didn’t know about the manual at the time, they know ignorance is not an excuse.

When The Falcon realized it had broken an ASSP policy, it turned over the operating system and server to ASSP. As of Thursday, ASSP had returned both for a full refund in order to bring the funds under ASSP policy compliance.

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