Senate to reduce budgets

The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific budget may be reduced by nearly $25,000 as enrollment drops with the economy.

Monday night, student senate tabled a proposal to reduce the budget by $24,042. Decreased enrollment directly affects the ASSP budget, which is tied to the ASSP fee all new students must pay, Vice President of finance Anna Carlson said.

In order to lower the risk of running into budget deficits, the ASSP budget needed to be revisited and adjusted, according to the proposal.

If passed, the proposal would reduce General Administration budgets by $12,897.17. The remaining reduction, $11,144.83, would come from an across-the-board adjustment of 4.49 percent from the rest of the budgets, including but not limited to all clubs, ASSP Student Services and SPRINT.

ASSP President Joel VanderHoek said the process involved with making the reductions included the input of others, including the officer core, Finance Board and senate.

Because the General Fund remained untouched, clubs can re-propose to senate for money lost if they need it, VanderHoek said.

Senate will revisit the proposal on Monday night after senators have had a chance to speak with clubs and constituents to hear their feedback.

Senate allocated $750 to the Sharpen Fund from the General Fund with a unanimous vote to pay the Intentional Living Communities team leader Luke Davies for Sharpen work[w1].

Davies said this is not new money that Sharpen requested as much as a reallocation of previous funds, due to the Residence Hall Ministry Coordinator being taken out of Robbins Apartments last year.

Sharpen proposed to senate last year to make the IL team leader a paid position, but the proposal failed on grounds of sustainability.

Finance Board recommended senate not pass the proposal again this year, citing concerns of sustainability of the program for coming years, the current economic situation and the position itself not being firmly defined.

Intentional Living Communities are a place for students to live, eat, serve and worship together, Davies said. As team leader, he meets with the IL houses, supports in prayer and assists with both their internal and external missions, anything from who does the dishes to serving the community at large, he said.

Several senators expressed support for both the proposal and the program, seeing it as a low-risk investment.

In other news:

* Senate allocated $330 from the ASSP Systems Upgrade Fund to the Commuter Council to purchase a new printer for the Collegium. The proposal passed with a unanimous vote.

* The Constitutional Review Committee is examining the percentage of the ASSP budget that goes toward paid positions and comparing it with other schools, said College of Arts and Sciences: Science and Engineering senator Ari Diamante.

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