Standing out in job market

There is no such thing as a pointless job interview, junior Heather Tustin said. In today’s shrinking job market, it is critical to get out and network with real people, Tustin said, and learning about companies through face-to-face interviews — even if you are not interested in taking the job — is invaluable. Networking, along […]

Original piece wins show

Freshman Daniel Caldwell was almost crying as he walked through a packed Royal Brougham Pavilion on Friday night to accept the first place award in SPU’s annual Talent Show. It was overwhelming, he said. Caldwell played his original piece, "What I Kept, I Lost," on the piano, accompanied by a string quartet made up of […]

Students take time to exhale

Students were encouraged to breathe, relax and feel free to remove their shoes as they entered the Art Center on Jan. 27 for a time of worship. Senior Nate Berends, the coordinator for the Chapel Worship Arts Ensemble (CWAE) on campus, strummed his mandolin, welcoming students to Exhale. Exhale is a worship event sponsored by […]

Inauguration witnessed first hand

While many SPU students watched the Presidential Inauguration on big screens in Upper Gwinn Commons, senior Vera Njuguna stood in the brutal cold among millions of people at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. "I had never experienced that before — a whole group coming together for one purpose, for unity," Njuguna said. Njuguna had […]

Ensemble prepares for concert

Chaos engulfed the room. A plethora of instruments played all at once, while people sang, laughed, chatted and moved around. Then, seemingly all at once, the chaos subsided, and the brief quietness that replaced it was quickly overtaken by an awe-inspiring collaboration. The SPU Worship Arts Ensemble prepared for their upcoming concert at The Triple […]

Letter to the editor

The declaration that mainstream music is out, in the "What’s in and out in 2009" article irritated me. I know this article is about 2009, but if we look at 2008 as a guide, it in no way shows any sign of mainstream music losing steam. According to the Nielson Soundscran, the top selling artists […]

Letter to the editor

So moved was I by the Falcon’s story of the plight of ASSP, which has been unable to scrounge up the $2,500 or so to purchase its newspaper a new server, that I would like to offer my services in order to help out. I do this partly in the spirit of Christian charity, partly […]