Dance social funds passed after debate over community

Student senate granted up to $1,080 from the General Fund to the SPU Pemberley Society after raising budgeting concerns and debating student versus non-student ticket sales.

Senators expressed both concern and support for inviting non-SPU students to participate in the Pemberley Society’s Ball. Some felt the event should be primarily for students and that off-campus attendees should be charged more than the current non-student ticket price of $15.

Others saw engaging the participation of those outside campus as positively building relationships with the greater community.

The Pemberley Society asked senate for $1,399, but in order to encourage the event to be primarily for SPU students, Finance Board recommended that senate allocate $9 per SPU student ticket sale, up to $1,080.

Senate passed the proposal unanimously as recommended by the Finance Board.

The Pemberley Society seeks "to present SPU in a positive light to the community," Alex Binz, president of the Pemberley Society, said.

"We are aware that we are a student group first and foremost and our mission is to bring Jane Austen to SPU," Pemberley Society vice president Cassandra Vlahos added.

Senate also allotted $1,450 from the General Fund to Multi-Ethnic Programs toward "Hope Through the Eyes of Faith: A Memorial Celebration," which will honor the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., and celebrate the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

The proposal passed unanimously after senate debated possible cost reductions.

In other news:

* Anna Carlson, vice president of finance, gave senate a budget update for winter quarter. She noted that the total ASSP budget allocation estimates came in about two percent lower than the projected allocation given last spring.

"This could lead to some problems down the road but we are waiting on actual allocation for winter quarter before we proceed," Carlson said in an e-mail.

* Don Mortenson, the vice president of business and planning, presented new building projects currently in discussion, including a $60-70 million project to build a new University Center.

* Senate also heard Evi Sztanjo’s resignation as editor-and-chief of The Falcon Newspaper due to medical reasons.

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