Unhealthy food attitudes

Sitting in Gwinn Commons was never easy or comfortable. Noticing what the skinny girls put on their plates and into their mouths was a diligent observation Laura had perfected. Twisted thoughts, not of having designer jeans, but having a skinnier body constantly filled her head. Today, Laura Spencer, a senior studio art major at SPU, […]

New Web site offers bus options

Exodus, a new Web site from ASSP that tentatively launches Monday, will encourage students to get on the bus and explore less familiar areas of the city, opening up opportunities to connect and serve through the bus pass program. Service is a main focus of Exodus. ASSP will post ways to minister to the Seattle […]

Dance social funds passed after debate over community

Student senate granted up to $1,080 from the General Fund to the SPU Pemberley Society after raising budgeting concerns and debating student versus non-student ticket sales. Senators expressed both concern and support for inviting non-SPU students to participate in the Pemberley Society’s Ball. Some felt the event should be primarily for students and that off-campus […]

LGBT as church leaders

A solitary rainbow streamer whipped across the vaulted ceiling of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Capitol Hill as a rainbow-clad banner proclaiming "Integrity" led the way for Bishop Gene Robinson to the altar. The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, who has played a central part in the tensions over the issue of the ordination of gays […]

Falcon hits server impasse

Since the start of last quarter, The Falcon office has been bombarded by students, faculty and SPU community members asking why The Falcon has not been available online. In a current newspaper culture where readership is down and newsrooms are slashing their budgets and workforce, it is a suicide mission to ignore the possibilities of […]

Converse: trend or tradition?

We’ve all seen them. In fact, an SPU student who doesn’t know what Converse All Stars are has not been paying attention to what’s on people’s feet. The wearers of these timeless shoes have been athletic, punk, rebels, artists, nerds, rock stars, presidents, thrift shoppers and, of course, SPU students. For over a decade, Converse […]