New theory on Narnia

C.S. Lewis’s classic novel "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is all about Jesus…and the planet Jupiter. In addition to the Christian meanings woven into the Chronicles of Narnia books, Michael Ward asserts that C.S. Lewis secretly based the series on medieval views of astronomy. "The Chronicles of Narnia contain a secret, a genuine […]

Mental and physical health addressed

College life is enough to make you sick…literally. But thanks to the seventh annual Wellness Fair on Monday, students learned how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. The fair overtook the science building with booths promoting wellness. Students and faculty enjoyed free soup, massages and information on how to get and stay healthy. When stress levels […]

Westmont fires affect SPU

Westmont College junior Hannah Sink had to sleep in motels and on the floors of friends’ apartments and shop at K-Mart for her wardrobe while the Tea Fire consumed the Westmont campus. She and her friends were given five minutes to evacuate their apartments. Displaced and left wondering if their possessions had been lost in […]

Choosing a major, not rope for a noose

Up until now, I’ve viewed choosing a college major as selecting which rope to use for my noose. I thought choosing a major was a life-defining, here’s-what-you’re-going-to-be-until-you-die choice. The truth is it’s not. When you enroll in college, you have preexisting skills, and a major will only add to and enhance those skills. And since […]

Staff editorial

Last Thursday evening, a small brushfire started in the Piranhurst Teahouse in the foothills near Santa Barbara, Calif. With the help of 70-mile-an-hour Santa Anna winds, the Tea Fire raged over 1,940 acres before fading almost entirely out, according to the Daily Sound. The Sound reported over 210 homes destroyed by the relatively small fire, […]