Lower enrollment impacts initial budget allocation

Lower enrollment numbers have resulted in less money for ASSP from student fees. Due to a difference in forecasted and actual numbers, Finance Board over-budgeted by $3,564.00, vice president of finance Anna Carlson said in Monday’s student senate meeting.

ASSP receives estimates from Student Financial Services at the beginning of the year, and Finance Board bases its budget allotments on those numbers, Campus Housing and Apartments senator Sean Lomas said.

Currently, the general fund has a balance of $4,278.60 remaining for this quarter, along with $636.67 in the conference fund, Carlson said.

However, the discrepancy means there will be less money left over at the end of the year, and that may present issues down the road, Carlson said in an interview.

Student senate needs to limit its expansion of programs and proposals at this point, commuter senator Cory Deppe warned, referring specifically to vice president of ministries Heather Fink’s proposal to expand the winter ministry retreat to two nights instead of one.

The purpose of the expansion was to give the ministry leaders time with no travel worries to renew their vision for the rest of the year, Fink said.

There was not a lot of feedback from student ministry coordinators about whether one or two nights were better, Fink added.

Finance Board recommended not passing the proposal, which would cost an extra $2,785.00. Lomas, who sits on Finance Board, said he voted against it because he was not sure the cost was worth the benefits of additional time.

The proposal failed, with only one vote in favor of passing it.

Discussion about senate retreat, tentatively scheduled for January then ensued. The senators were adamant about getting off campus and passed a motion creating a special committee to generate retreat ideas.

Science and engineering senator Ari Diamant pointed out that voting on a proposal for an internal budget item might present a conflict of interest. VanderHoek said he wanted all the senators to talk with students outside of senate and make sure they were comfortable with their vote.

In other business, executive vice president Kevin McFarland announced the creation of two special committees: the compensation review committee and the allocation task force.

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