Hironaka looks to young squad

The Seattle Pacific University Falcons enter this season with a lot of unknowns. Last year, they lost five seniors who accounted for 41 points per game, including former big man, 6-foot-10-inch center Rob Will, who led the team in points and rebounds. The Falcons only have one returning starter: senior forward Casey Reed. "We’re lacking […]

Late wins show true potential

With 12 returning players next year and finishing the season with five wins in their last eight matches, the SPU volleyball team is ready to put this season, and their losing record, behind them. In their final eight matches, in which the Falcons rode a four-game winning streak, head coach Chris Johnson noticed how the […]

Falcons set season bar high

Call them perfectionists, but after going 27-0 in the regular season last year, the SPU women’s basketball team isn’t satisfied with just any old win. Even after defeating George Fox University 59-49 in their first exhibition game last Friday night, in which they never trailed, the Falcons still see plenty of room for improvement. "I […]

Falcons pass second round

With elbows flying and players getting shoved all about, Saturday’s playoff matchup between SPU and University of California, San Diego (UCSD) looked more like a wrestling match than a soccer game. During one point in the second half, two players on either team tangled arms while struggling for a loose ball, when the UCSD player […]

Lower enrollment impacts initial budget allocation

Lower enrollment numbers have resulted in less money for ASSP from student fees. Due to a difference in forecasted and actual numbers, Finance Board over-budgeted by $3,564.00, vice president of finance Anna Carlson said in Monday’s student senate meeting. ASSP receives estimates from Student Financial Services at the beginning of the year, and Finance Board […]

Not all about the food

Take your thumbs and index fingers and make circles so the other fingers go up and look like one finger, said speaker Mary Mitchell, author of five books, including "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Etiquette." Students laughed when they found that this was a tool to remember that the "b" is for "bread" and the […]

Club Soul busts moves

SPU students cheered on a 2-and-a-half-year-old boy in the SPU Gazebo Room on Friday night at the Mosaic-sponsored event, Club Soul. The boy’s father, senior and Mosaic Cadre Coordinator David Carnahan, said he brought his son to experience other people’s culture. "That’s what Mosaic’s all about," he said. Mosaic sponsored Club Soul in order to […]