Examining Chapel experience

The 300 students, staff, and faculty in attendance at the April 22 Presidential Chapel saw Carissa Lemos pluck the strings of her red Fender Telecaster as she led a gentle, rolling version of "How Great Thou Art," with her voice pleading as she sang, "I scarce can take it in." What they, and most of […]

Fighting modern-day slavery

When sophomore Lindsey Goff thinks about human trafficking, she sees the faces of men and women overseas, hoping for a way out. There are an estimated 800,000 people who are trafficked across national borders and millions more who are trafficked within their own country. To Goff, these people are more than just numbers. SPU alumna […]

Understanding student loans

In her freshman year, Jessica Spencer found that her financial aid was not enough to entirely cover her tuition. She decided to take out a student loan to make up for the funds she lacked, and last year Spencer graduated with a little over $11,000 of debt. While Spencer said her debt is not overwhelming […]

Connecting with cultures

At the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, Rachel Dunham was overcome with sadness as she prepared to return the United States. She knew that a trip she had dreamed of for years was over. She was going home to a place where she would not be able to relate to her family and […]

An electric finish for track

The national meet adds unique electricity to the atmosphere, said SPU outdoor track and field head coach Karl Lerum. On Thursday, the weather proved him right. Lightning, accompanied by thunderstorms and unusually cold California weather, greeted the seven Falcon women who travelled down to Walnut, Calif., for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II Championships. […]

Larson strides for big goals

When sophomore runner Jane Larson steps up to the starting line, she’s doing more than trying to beat her competition. She’s constantly trying to better herself by working on her starts, sprints, timing and pacing. "I’ve become a student of my sport," Larson said. "I learn what I can about running, training, and nutrition." Larson […]

Indiana Jones back for four

Confession: I have been in love with Dr. Henry Jones II, professor of archeology, since I was 9. That was the first time I vividly remember seeing him being chased through the Amazon rain forest, making his way through ancient Egyptian tombs, and fighting the Nazis. My long-running crush goes by a more familiar name: […]