Tooned In

This week’s opinionated cartoon, Tooned In, was illustrated by opinions artist Becky Sargent. Sargent is a junior majoring in visual communication. This article was imported from The Falcon’s Records If you find an error, mistake, or omission due to the import process, please contact us. Original Metadata about the article can be found below Title: Tooned In | Author: Becky Sargent | Section: Opinions | Published […]

Environmentalism: not just for Gore

The well-being of the Earth affects all of us, yet somehow issues concerning the environment have been sectioned off into political affiliations. The Democrats have staked their claim on environmentalism, transforming the word "green" from a turtleneck color in L.L. Bean magazine into a hip, household buzzword. Meanwhile, the Republicans have been busy spreading the […]

Respect your English majors

It’s a classic scene. You’re making small talk with someone, polite and casual, and it isn’t long before the inevitable question of "what’s your major" is asked. Responses like "pre-law," "pre-med" or "business" garner an appreciative "ahhh" from your listener. He or she will then continue to probe your brilliant mind for thoughts on your […]

Clinton takes Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary Tuesday night, a victory that gave her candidacy a lift and moved the race for the Democratic presidential nomination into a two-week sprint to potentially decisive contests in Indiana and North Carolina. Sen. Barack Obama, anticipating defeat despite outspending Clinton by two-to-one in Pennsylvania, flew […]

Working for a more sustainable future

The Facility and Project Management Department at SPU is trying to speed past rising gasoline costs by driving electric-powered vehicles. "We plan to move in the direction of electric," said Dave Church, assistant vice president of facilities management. "Probably in five years, we will try to move 50 percent of the fleet to electric." Currently, […]

Funds passed for Web site software

Senate voted to allocate $5,250 for the purchase of new Club Manager software meant to simplify the Web sites for ASSP clubs and other student organizations and eliminate excess paper waste. Of the total, $1,750 would be spent on the initial six-month contract with Interactive Collegiate Solutions (ICS), the maker of Club Manager software, said […]

Embracing change ethically

When Carly Fiorina, the first woman to run a Fortune 20 company, refused to go along with an appointment decision that she believed would harm her company, Hewlett-Packard, she was abruptly fired in February 2005. Having served as the chief executive officer for six years and overseen the company’s merger with Compaq, Fiorina said it […]