Upset loss ends winning season

Character. Work ethic. Dedication. All words that Falcon head coach Julie van Beek used to describe her four departing seniors who led the SPU women’s basketball team to a memorable 29-1 season. Senior forwards Libby Magnuson and Jessie Christensen, along with guards Beth Christensen and Jackie Hollands, were simply winners by nature, said van Beek. […]

Leave Aristotle in the history books

Name-droppers. You’ve seen them in your classes, panting in the front row, waving their arms at the teacher like they’re trying to hail a cab. When they’re finally called on, they string together quotes from Tolstoy, Freud, and Aristotle and call it a contribution to the classroom. Name-droppers are infesting universities across the world. No […]

Student Spotlight

Senior Alexandra Hendgen Major: Nursing Lives: Off-campus Do you drink coffee? What’s your favorite coffee drink? Black coffee right now. It’s got the most caffeine so… How do you get around Seattle? I have a car, I take the bus… Does your car have a name? Um, Little Red…It’s a red Jetta. Highlight of spring […]

Important message, imperfect messenger

There have been a lot of political or "message" films about the war in Iraq and "War on Terror" over the last few years (recently including "Rendition," Brian De Palma’s "Redacted," and Robert Redford’s "Lions for Lambs"), the quality of these films varying greatly. Few of these films, however, have dealt squarely with the willing […]

A marathon of disappointment

It’s a fair bet that romantic comedy is one of the worst genres of cinema. Though the occasional bright light shines through in movies like "My Best Friend’s Wedding" and "Pretty Woman," for the most part audiences are left with tripe that the studios churn out on a reliably consistent basis, like the legendarily bad […]

Flash fight a feathered frenzy

Think back to a time when pillows were the common weapon of choice at preteen slumber parties and when the resulting casualties involved incapacitation from laughter. This pastime was the theme at Pike Place Market at exactly 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, March 30. Police officers lined the market, as a roadblock prevented any vehicles from […]

Optimism in darkness

"Dear Diary, since you and I are going to be friends, I will start by telling you about myself…." These words, seemingly insignificant and adolescent when out of context, become infinitely important in the Intiman Theatre’s production of "The Diary of Anne Frank." "The Diary of Anne Frank," the book, was dramatized by Frances Goodrich […]