Funds to unveil new logo pass

After a lighthearted discussion that focused on the definition of bumper stickers and the importance of self-scrutiny, Senate voted unanimously to pass a $1,100 proposal for the marketing of the new ASSP logo on Monday. The money, taken from the special project funds, will go toward a new ASSP sign, banner, stickers, mints, T-shirts, and additional honorarium for the two student designers.

The reason for the additional compensation, ASSP President Daniel Miller said, was because more of the students’ time was needed than had originally been communicated. With the $300, the designers will now receive $400 each for their work, as opposed to the original $250 allocated.

During the questioning period, Miller, who authored the proposal, mentioned that the money reserved for the bumper stickers might perhaps be used instead for temporary tattoos.

Senator of Science and Engineering KT Barnes motioned to go into the vote.

Senator at Large Robbie Baker re-opened the deliberation period by saying that Senate needed to be clear about where the money was actually going before the vote occurred.

"I know you’re ASSP…but for debate, we should treat this [proposal] like a normal club," he said.

After some discussion on the lasting merits of bumpers stickers and temporary tattoos, a friendly amendment was made by Baker to "take the bumper out of sticker."

ASSP Vice President of Finance Joel VanderHoek ended the deliberation period by stating that while the specific instance of self-scrutiny was amusing, the overall concept was important for Senate to keep in mind for the future.

Other business:

Senate unanimously confirmed Nate Berends as the 2008-2009 Chapel Worship Coordinator.

Senate voted to go into executive session to determine and vote on professor of the year award. The results will be made public next Tuesday at Chapel.

Finance board passed two proposals: $100 for Latreia and $350 for the National Day of Prayer (NDP), VanderHoek reported in Senate. The money will be going toward supplementing Latreia’s service day and hosting a breakfast table at the NDP, he said. The NDP will begin on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Martin Square.

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