Rowley to retire after 12 years

Undergraduate Education Chair Sharon Hartnett often sees William J. Rowley sweeping the patio outside of Peterson Hall. When Rowley became the dean of education six years ago, he cleaned and furnished the virtually unused patio, making it into a place his faculty could gather and eat lunch, Hartnett said. Under Rowley’s leadership, the department has […]

Funds to unveil new logo pass

After a lighthearted discussion that focused on the definition of bumper stickers and the importance of self-scrutiny, Senate voted unanimously to pass a $1,100 proposal for the marketing of the new ASSP logo on Monday. The money, taken from the special project funds, will go toward a new ASSP sign, banner, stickers, mints, T-shirts, and […]

Wesley’s focus through 1 John

In order to understand the theology of John Wesley, believers have to understand how he viewed scripture passages, said Rob Wall, the Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies. "His core beliefs about the Bible belonged to the Protestant Reformation, whose principle of ‘sola scriptura,’ scripture alone, decisively underscores the Bible’s importance for […]

Tamaki takes on big role

A "band geek" in high school, never involved in team sports, and an instinctive follower are how freshman Kristi Tamaki described herself before she came to Seattle. Hailing from sunny San Diego, Calif., this 4-foot-11-inch, 113-pound, 19-year-old college freshman may not have pictured herself as much of a leader back then, but times have changed. […]

Will beats coach in tournament

Falcons head coach Jeff Hironaka squatted pensively on the sideline just like he would at any other game, shouting occasional directions for his players. And just like at any other game, senior Rob Will glanced over when he heard Hironaka’s call. After all, Will has developed an ear for his coach’s voice as a member […]